New Single: "Paris"

Paris Official Art HIRES.jpg
In a world full of chaos, one can only try to find moments of hope.

|| Written, recorded, and produced by The Racer ||

Paris started out as the working title for this song and we decided to keep it and as a tribute to the time in which when this song started out for us, which is ultimately one of our more emotionally driven songs. The initial idea of the song was created right after the tragic events at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris, late 2015. You read about moments of chaos, running for your life type of situations, but then you hear these stories of how people help each other, acting so selflessly for strangers alike. It’s the most inspirational thing out there. 

The crazy thing is though, these chaotic events keep happening in our world today. Over the last couple years while putting the song together and working out the fine details, events occurred and we just felt these emotions over and over again. It’s a scary song but gives us a feeling of hope in the end. 


And I touched you, around about you

I’ve waited a long time to fly outside

I have lost you, and myself

I am hiding now and afraid to run

Beyond your cell

Slowly doors are closing

You said that it was lonely

Hear your call for help

You/Now act like you’re asleep 

Don’t expect truth, don’t upset your eyes

Hey Mary

Settle down with me

I found you, when you held my hand

And then you found me

I don’t know where it’s going

I don’t know how it goes

But maybe, maybe, maybe

Maybe you will find me again

Maybe you will find me again

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