New Single: "Spiral Staircase"


Our next single has arrived! This one is called "Spiral Staircase" and it was quite fun to write and record. It's a bit experimental for us, in a sense, since it's a bit of a foray into the depths of synthesizers and some other fun sounds. But in another light it's simply a reimagining of a certain type of song that we've written before.

Often, in the traditional "studio session," we've been pressured by some sort of time or practicality constraint to make compromises that we didn't intend or have otherwise been a little self-stifled by various factors. With our new approach to writing and self-producing, we've been able to explore our musical tendencies with a different perspective. There have always been times when we ascended this musical spiral staircase, not knowing where it would lead, only to find that it was blocked by someone or some thing (often ourselves!). This song is our break through to the other side...

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